Tips That Will Change The Way You Shop For Toys

Have you been having trouble choosing the right toy?

If you are a first-time mommy, there is a high chance that every few month you customarily make trips to the toy shop in a bid to find the most interesting toy that is on the market. You are also scouting newspapers and looking out for advertisement in the news to find out which toy it is that not only fits your pocket but is the best in terms of education and entertainment.

I have walked in these shoes:

The reason I am so sure about this phase is that I have been here recently and have had no clue to go about it. Imagine, your nights and days being consumed with the thoughts of which is the best toy in the world to give to your munchkin!

I joined even a Facebook group claiming to give great advice on which are the most trending toys and what values they teach. The group was a sham and it was a company owned one which notoriously was promoting its own products. The moment I knew about it, I quit. Never was a facebook book joined and quit so early and subsequently.

But then I stumbled upon this wonderful review website for the toys called

This was the site that was the nirvana for all mommies who were there but had no clue as to what to do once there! Hahaha, I may be exaggerating but yes, it was very helpful this website. It was meticulous in giving a nonprejudiced review of each of the best toys that were introduced in the market and sometimes, it had links to buy them from online sites not forgetting the plump discounts that they were offering if one cared to follow such links!

I am so set that I know what advice to give to a struggling momma in a toy shop!…