5 tips for buying a dog bed

It is essential that your dog has its own place and its own bed where it can rest and relax. Not only that, a comfortable dog bed will ensure that your furniture is free of fur and doggy odor. Here are five tips to help you buy the ideal dog bed for your pet.

  1. You must weigh and measure your pet: Take a measuring tape and measure your dog from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail. Measuring in this manner is especially useful for pets that like to stretch when they lounge so that no part of the dog is outside the bed. Next weigh your dog because certain beds are based on the weight of the dog, especially the larger dogs. Remember there are no standard sizes in dog beds hence, you must choose a bed based on your measurements.
  2. Choose the place for the bed: This is an often-neglected point by dog owners but the place can be a decisive factor in the shape and size of the bed you wish to purchase. If you choose to place it in an area prone to droughts then you must pay attention to the stuffing and insulation; or if you choose to keep it in a smaller area near the table, then pay attention the shape – odd-shaped beds occupy more space.
  3. Decide important features: If you have an aging pet or one suffering from arthritis or joint paints you can choose the Therapeutic dog bed which is designed to provide more comfort to aging dogs. It is made of memory foam which conforms to the body shape and size and is supportive in nature.
  4. Color and style of choice: Choose a color and style that is in tune with the rest of the furniture in your house.
  5. Washing instructions: Pet beds get dirty and must be washed to maintain hygiene. Look for easy to maintain beds.

Can I buy sex toys with bitcoin?

In the past, people seeking the sensuous toys meant for pleasure were not able to buy the same for lack of awareness. With the increase in awareness came the problems related to payment. People feel embarrassed to buy these toys, whether online or in sex stores as they do not want the world to know about their purchases or spending habits, leave alone their fetish. The payment receipts and the spending habits would almost always be visible to someone somewhere.

With crypto currencies, however, things have become a lot simpler. Many online sex toys companies have started to accept payment in bitcoins. As the acceptance of these currencies increases the comfort level of buyers will also increase. They can use these anonymously to enhance their pleasure. There are some precautions to be taken though as everything is done in a secretive manner and you do not want to lose your precious currency or privacy.

Bitcoin prices keep changing so once you pay a price for a set of toys, for example, anal plugs like over at love plugs, then there will be no refund so that people cannot misuse the Bitcoin for exchanging their currencies. Some toys may be legal in your country while some may be strictly forbidden by law. So the buyer has to be careful about the status of the toys that he wants to purchase and pay through Bitcoin.

The payment takes a little time as the bitcoin is completely digital and has to complete a circuitous path to reach the seller through an anonymous pathway. Bitcoin is not yet accepted by many countries as legal currency. Some countries strictly prohibit the use and throttle the channels of payment. Therefore, you need to be very sure that you can pay through this currency and get that toy and in all this do not forget to verify that the seller is a trusted company.

Many couples seek pleasure through these toys and as consenting adults you can use Bitcoin as an amazing means to procure that magical tool that you always wanted.…

If You Need To Shop For A Male Chastity Device Shop Online

Sometimes even men find it awkward and embarrassing to shop for sex toys or chastity devices in a store. Asking questions to the shop attendant or answers his questions about which kind of device you are looking for, the purpose and the preferences can be quite an ordeal and most men can’t seem to handle this awkwardness. In such cases, the best thing to do if you ever need to shop for a male chastity device is to shop for it online. Shopping online is so easy and hassle free and the best part is you don’t even have to interact with any person directly.

Advantages of shopping for male chastity devices online


  1. Saves you from embarrassment- This is by far the biggest and most important advantage that you can think of for buying a chastity device online.
  2. Shop comfortably– Sitting comfortable in the confines of your home or any other place where you feel relaxed you can browse the site at leisure and the place your order, with a mode of payment of your choice, rather than having to travel some place which is not even close you your home and thus wasting a lot of time.
  3. Easy Returns and refunds– In case you are satisfied with your product and you feel you made a wrong decisu=ion you can easily excj=hamnge or return your product if you shop online.
  4. Customer Support Service– In case if you have any issues about how to use the product or there is a technical issue that needs the experts to come and check then, all you need to do is make a call and then assistance will be provided to you accordingly.

Explore and enjoy your sexual fantasies by buying your dream chastity devices by visiting lockthecock.com and finding atop quality product that will make your sexual life much more adventurous and exciting.…